Do You Want Inner Peace?

By Bo Sanchez

Nope, It Doesn’t Just Come From Being Quiet, Spa Treatments, Meditation, and Breathing Exercises.
Let Me Tell You How You Can Have Inner Peace
No Matter How Busy You Are…

I have a crazy schedule.
But despite this, I do enjoy inner peace.

By the end of this article, I’ll share with you the secret to my inner peace, and how you too can enjoy it—no matter how busy you are.

But first, let me give you an idea of how insane my schedule is.
I’m writing this article in a train.
Crossing through Switzerland.
Yesterday, I was in Scotland.
The day before, England.
In the next four months, I’m flying to Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Macau, Israel, Jordan, US, and Canada.

Sometimes, I pinch myself.
This traveling stuff is what I see James Bond do in his movies.

But I’m no Secret Agent.
I’m a simple servant of God.

And unlike 007, I didn’t shoot anyone or stop a super villain from annihilating the world. All I did was care for people. I told them stories of God’s love. (Some call what I do preaching. I just call it “happy storytelling”.)

And here’s the secret of my inner peace….

My Secret To Inner Peace
Is Having “The Reason” For Everything I Do

James Bond has a license to kill.
I have a license to care.

Sorry for being corny, but that’s what I really do.
The stuff I do is as varied as the shoes of Imelda.
But they all come from one powerful source, which I call “The Reason”.

This is “The Reason” why I travel around the world.
This is “The Reason” why I got married and have kids.
This is “The Reason” why I write books and publish mags.
This is “The Reason” why I broadcast on TV and Radio.
This is “The Reason” why I start organizations.
This is “The Reason” why I serve the poorest of the poor.
This is “The Reason” why I run businesses and do investments.

What is The Reason? I care for people.
Caring for people is the reason for my daily life.
It’s the reason for every thing that I do.

Don’t Bow To Me Yet;
I Fail As Much As You Do!

Before you think of bowing to me, canonizing me a saint, and cutting my hair for holy relics, let me make one thing very clear: I don’t always think this way.

I get selfish.
I get grouchy.
I get lazy.
I get mean.

Oh man, God knows how much I fail.
And whenever I do something out of selfishness—I feel a disturbance within. Something isn’t right. Like a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece. This disquiet, this un-peace, this chaos, pokes me within and tells me that I’ve lost my God-ordained path. That I’ve lost my destiny.

Believe me. Inner peace doesn’t come from being quiet, having spa treatments, meditations, and breathing exercises—as good as all these are. The peace we feel from these activities will all be short-lived.

Here’s where real inner peace comes from…

You Need Soul Alignment—
The Only Thing That Can Give You Inner Peace

Real Inner peace comes from what I call Soul Alignment.

That means your life—which consists of your actions, words, and thoughts—are aligned to the ultimate purpose of your soul. That ultimate purpose has been written by God in every fiber and DNA of your soul.

That ultimate purpose is to love.

Bottom-line, Soul Alignment means aligning yourself to God’s love.

No wonder Jesus said that the greatest commandment is this: Love one another as I have loved you.

And when you have Soul Alignment, you have inner peace.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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