I'm taking post-graduate courses in Theology to remind me of how ignorant I really am. You see, I love listening to my brilliant professors speak high-tech "theologese."

But I guess it's not just for me. I can't write straight with big, heavy-duty words, quoting stuff from super-duper theologians.

That work to me is just a little bit less difficult than doing advanced Trigonometry. But I recall one time when I took a shot at it. I started pounding on the keyboard, "Some contemporary approaches to spirituality convey paradigmatic alterations from traditional soteriology, rooted in modern biblical hermeneutics..."

Ugh... It was pure torture. (I offered my sufferings for the conversion of the world. And I bet you'd do that too if I wrote that way, hmm?)

But in all this, I've learned something quite glorious:

God is flexible.

He's made of rubber.

He can stoop down to hallow, lazy brains like mine.

And He can also meet the best and sharpest minds of big-time theologians. And still win.

He can be wise to the wise.

And simple to the simple.

I've realized that God will meet us where we are.

He can be very tender to you if you need an embrace.

He can be firm to you if you need some spanking.

He can be terribly awesome when you need a miracle.

He can be painfully quiet when He wants you to trust Him.

He will be what you need him to be.

(Note: Not 'want' Him to be. I said, 'need' Him to be.)

Question: What do you really need right now?

Believe me.

He knows about it more than you do.

So let Him meet you where you are.

And let Him love you, right there.

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Anonymous said...

Bo Shanchez is truly inspiring. I enjoyed this very much. :)

Wally Arida, Publisher said...

Meeting Bo in person and hearing him preach was a big blessing on my life. And having him write a weekly blog for ParishWorld was definitely a big bonus from the Holy Spirit. He continues to inspire many people all over the world. More power to Bo and his ministry. May God continue to bless and guide him.