I remember a time when life was a little simpler.

During an ancient, pre-historic era, there was only one Shakey's pizza store in the country - located in far away Angeles City. I was only twelve years old when my father would bring me there for a two-hour drive, just to eat pizza. He'd eat two slices, and I'd eat the rest.

More than the pizza however, I treasure the time I spent with Dad. In my heart, I knew that my father loved me. Because he loved me enough to waste his time on me.

Things have changed now. Today, we no longer go out of town to eat pizza. We don't even leave the house. I just dial delivery, and Dad and I can eat pizza. My father's an older man now, and so am I (Sniffle). Sometimes I pay the bill. (Waaaah!)

But when I really think about it, the deeper things haven't changed. Dad still eats two slices, and I still eat the rest. And I still enjoy his deep friendship, much more than ever.

As a kid, Dad and I walked together to Cubao, a local commercial and shopping center. And we loved passing by that tiny Shoemart - if you can still remember that ancient SM that sold only shoes and nothing else.

I loved those walks!

Just Dad and me, walking man to man.

What has changed?

Today, SM consumes 30% of the geographical land space of the Republic of the Philippines. And it sells everything else except nuclear reactors and live piranha.

Also, Dad and I are no longer able to take long walks. I've become a missionary and that has taken me away from home. But when given a chance, I invite Dad and Mom to hop along the journey. So we've gone together to different parts of the world.

They don't give talks or anything like that.

I still do the preaching. But from the pulpit, I could see Dad and Mom, praying at the back of the crowd.

They're praying for me.

They love me.

Thank God, some things don't ever change.

Because in this insanely chaotic world of ours, our kids desperately need to know that they can hold on to certain realities that remain true for life.

Or else they'll lose their way, and die somewhere inside.

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Anonymous said...

I really like Bo's writing style. You inspire me to find good in my daily life.

Melissa of New Jersey said...

Please let us know if Bo is coming to the New York area. I would like to see him preach in person. That would be a nice treat.

Anonymous said...

I think we all can relate to Bo Sanchez somehow. We all live our lives and undergo many obstacles that almost always result in a sort of change. And sometimes, things just change over time passed. Many people fear this process of change because we fear what we do not know. As we grow, we will change, and so will our surroundings, we will miss how things used to be, and yes; it won't be the same. But this cute blog written truthfully by Bo Sanchez should remind us that although change is inevitable, the things that matter the most to us will never change. We should not fear the rest of our lives because we should trust ourselves enough to know we have the power to let some things not change.

jun said...

Bo has really touched our lives with his simple, witty, funny and piercing stories. he is one of the inspirations on my blog/ministry/ezine. Hopefully, I can do my share in the evangelization work, which actually began by using/emailing Bo's and Kergma articles to friends, which has now grown to a list of 810.

i can't wait to read Bo's new book, How To Find Your One True Love - even if I am already married. Not to find a partner but to learn to guide others, and discern wisely with the Spirit.